Ilian Urumov

Oxana Shalamanova
Kamen Vodenicharov
Martin Gyaurov
Boyka Velkova
Dimitar Kabakov
Vasil Giurov

A woman who is still in love with her husband despite their long and exhausted relationship. A woman who is trying to recover her family and happiness despite her husband’s obvious neglect. A lonely woman looking for escape in the devotion to her singing career and seemingly by chance starts love affair with her pianist as an attempt to fill in her own emotional gaps. Yet her hope to resurrect the harmony at home and her anguish because of her love affair are gone all of a sudden when she finds out that her husband has a love affair too. Besides it turns out that she’s pregnant… and not aware who of the two men is the father. At this point she realizes that the most important thing in life is love. Love of yourself, love of people, love of music, love of…