Victor Bojinov

Vladimir Mihailov
Stoyan Doychev
Hristo Petkov
Julian Vergov
Dimitar Rachkov
Aleksandar Aleksiev
Phillip Avramov
Zachary Baharov
Malin Krustev


The film brings to life the story of the Arabakonak’s heist of the Orhanie (today Botevgrad, Bulgaria) bank. In 1872 Dimitar Obshti and his companions carried out the Arabakonak’s robbery. Two of the protagonists are Gicho and Asencho – semi-revolutionaries, semi-brigands. They receive a task to search and deliver a personal letter to Vasil Levski. The search for Levski becomes a tragicomic adventure, full of intrigue, mischief, and betrayal. Gradually, the revolutionary enthusiasm of Gicho and Asencho gives way to disappointment and bitterness – states so familiar to every modern Bulgarian. But they are both determined to bring their mission to the end.

The movie “Heights” intertwines historical facts with artistic fiction. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Milen Ruskov, winner of the European Union Prize for Literature.